Call Of Duty Secrets



Have you ever wondered how some people get to the top of the leaderboards so quick? Ever wonder why one day somebody's a no prestige and the next day they're a 10th? My buddies and I were tired of working hard to rank up just so somebody can hack and be in front of us. With some hard work and dedication, we researched alot, and met up with some of the best COD4, WAW, & MW2 players in the world! These guys gave us the inside scoop on hacking, modding, glitching, and boosting. You could spend hours browsing the web, but you'll never find the info. There are top secrets here that nobody else knows! We learned them from the best gamers ourselves. If you want to learn how all modding, glitching, and hacking works, you must check out COD Secrets. Learn how to set up your own xp lobbies, get 10th prestige in less than 5 minutes, mod your xbox, mod your controller (or buy one of ours), unlock secret guns, perks, camos, and MUCH MUCH more! So jump ahead of the pack so you can impress friends and you can have the satisfaction of pwning low rank noobs!

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