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We need your help! Please! As you may understand, the world of modding is very complex, as well as expensive. To obtain top of the line equipment and tools to help us, we need you. With a tiny donation of only $5, you can help us keep our mods top notch! All donations are greatly appreciated!

A Few Goals:
To raise enough money so...
Everybody can have access to the same content as Supreme Members!
Everybody can get invites to special game lobbies!
Codsecrets can break away from Weebly and become an official site!
Codsecrets can make an official modded controllers website!
Much Much More!!!
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Thanks for your donations!

People who've donated:

Ronald Turner   3-1-2010

Stephen Rodriguez   3-4-2010

Ashley Bernard   3-10-2010

Michael Valentine   3-14-2010

Adam Schultz   3-15-2010

David Mitony   3-18-2010

David Clifton   3-21-2010

Ryan Harling   3-26-2010

Brian Freeman   3-30-2010

Nick Justine   4-4-2010